The Buffy Experience

Okay, so you're sitting here saying, "Well this is fucking lame! I wasted all those calories to click the mouse button for this?!

You've got some nerve, buddy.

As you may have noticed, the old Buffy Experience web page hasn't been updated since I was in High School. Now as I sit here in college, I look back on my years as a webmaster and realize... I made some stupid fucking webpages! BUT the Buffy Experience, while it may not have been the fanciest or most well-maintained, was the nearest and dearest to my heart.

In case you've never seen it, which is pretty likely since the remnants of it were wiped out last spring, the Buffy Experience was a different sort of Buffy site. It wasn't about episode guides or girly musings over Buffy and Angel or fanfic (although I do enjoy some writing now and then) or images of Sarah for your adolescent glands to go nuts over (don't worry, I did my share of that too and it was mostly over her). The Buffy Experience took on a new level of dweeb. It was about the guts, heart, and glory of the show that made it unique from any other live-action* TV show on the air today. It was about the philosophy, the metaphysics, and the inner meaning of Buffy.

Now, why have I put this new page up?

My interest in philosophy still thrives, as does my love of Buffy. I'm interested in starting up the page, JUST THIS PAGE, again. This page is here to solicit two things from you, the reader:
1. Encouragement. Let me know that other Buffy fans out there give a flying fuck about what goes into making this show so great, why we relate to it so well, and what we can learn about ourselves from Buffy. Let me know I still have some kind of a fanbase.
2. Ideas. Do you notice any philosophical ideas in the show you'd like to bring foreward? Please do.

Now, TO ALL THOSE OF YOU WHO MAY HAVE E-MAILED ME OVER THE PAST COUPLE YEARS, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not replying. The old e-mail adress on that page was passed on to my parents when I left for college and I haven't checked it since. Now, if you want to help me THIS time around, plese send Encouragement, Ideas, and Legitimate Offers for Sex (Hot Chicks Only) to:

Thank you all,


PS: In the mean time, PLEASE visit All Things Philosophical on BTVS, a great site that is very similar to what mine used to be. One of my old (now missing) articles is linked to, and I feel it's the least I can do for the author since I've taken the article down.

*I say "live action" because I find many animated shows, mainly The Simpsons and South Park, to be equally brilliant.